We are located in Tokyo area of Japan, and we have been enjoying the breeding and showing of Labradors since 1999. Sunchase Labradors is a small hobby kennel dedicated to producing Labradors for conformation and companions combined with the wonderful English type, temperament and soundness.


    When I lived in New Jersey, USA by relation of work in the later half of 1980's, I used to see that a aged couple who were with yellow Labrador were playing tennis in the condo. This Labrador was waiting quietly on the side of court while the aged couple played tennis. I and my wife who watched his figure talked each other, "we want to keep a Labrador after we go back to Japan, don't we?".
    And then, in 1997 we actually bought two Labradors, "Mark" and "Lavie", from a breeder. When we began to keep Labs, it was so impressed by height of their training performance and that Lab was a born companion dog. In addition, I have been charmed by the beauty of Labs called world class as conformation dogs while I studied the origin and the standard of Lab through domestic and foreign books and documents. I could not controlled my desire that I wanted to watch such good Labs with my eyes, to touch it by my hands and finally to breed such good Labs by myself. Sunchase Labradors was started with that thought in 1999.
    The foundation of Sunchase Labs is Abby (Driftway Holiday Magic), a black female born in Australia, and her father is very famous Lab, Driftway Regal Oak. She was imported into Japan in seven months old in 1999 from Driftway Labs (Mr. Guy Spagnolo) which is No.1 Lab kennel in Australia. She has very good structure, good front and rear angles, splendid double coat and otter tail, and beautiful head. So, she was awarded the 2000 No.1 Labrador Bitch in spite of the showing from just nine months old.
    Teddy (Lenches Teddy Bear), one of the greatest Lab in the world, had stayed as a stud dog here at Sunchase Labs for about one year from May, 2001. Meanwhile, he left many wanderful children in Japan, especially all five daughters withAbby finished their JKC Championship titles. And, his sons and daughters were participating actively at the show rings and getting very good performance. He really did great contribution in Japanese Lab world.
    In 2002, I imported Roar (Sounder's Hear Me Roar), BISS winner at the 2000 LRCN Specialty Show. He is one of my ideal Labs. His heredity power is so splendid that his sons are succeeding as stud dogs in U.S. and Europe. I thank the good luck that is able to have personal acquaintance with the Lab breeders in the world through him.

    I acquired a license of the conformation judge from JKC for Labrador Retriever, Golden Retriever and Flat Coated Reriever in 2007. A foundation member of Gunma Labrador Retriever Club.


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